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Lake Edge provides:
  • Preschool
  • Childcare Monday through Friday from 7am to 5:30pm. 
  • 6 Weeks to 9 years
  • Full time (M - F)
  • Part time options
  • 4-k Program
About us

Lake Edge Learning Center takes pride in providing challenging and inspiring opportunities in developmentally appropriate learning experiences for children aged 6 weeks to 9 yrs.

Lake Edge Learning Center is open:

Monday-Friday 7am-5:30pm

Here’s a thread of silver lining. We’ll have more time for each other and nature. And, at least so far, nature’s always open.

Come and Join a unique one of a kind Educational Learning Experience, that combines Classroom Curriculum with a Nature Based Program!



Call (920) 725-6139


Lake Edge Learning Center admits students of any sex, race, color, religion and national or ethnic origin.  It does not discriminate against any family member based on sex, race, cultural heritage, national origin, marital status, religion, political beliefs, disability, or sexual orientation.

Here at Lake Edge we believe in the whole child approach to education. We support developmentally appropriate practices to develop math and literacy, social-emotional, physcial and cognitive skills. We believe that the best way to accomplish our mission is by teaching children to care for themselves, others, the community and the enviornment. 

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